Cynthia Delaney Suwito is a contemporary artist based in Singapore. Born in 1993 in Jakarta, and studied Fine Arts in Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, her art works mainly focus on conceptual installations.  “Kresek: daily life of plastic bags” is her first published book. In her artworks, she distils complex concepts into simple and common actions. Her past works include “Knitting Noodles”, an instant noodle- knitting performance to talk about the slow and fast movement of society, and “Holding Breath”, where participants were asked to hold their breath to ‘save’ oxygen as a reflection of how much humans can change the world. She create because she hope these works can allow people to see daily things with a difference perspective and open their eyes to new approaches of thinking.

Her works have been exhibited locally at Harper’s Bazaar Art Prize 2015, Affordable Art Prize 2016 and The Only Paradise is Paradise Lost (2019). Internationally, they have been exhibited at Body-Out (Jakarta 2017), Bandung Contemporary Art Award Assemblage (2019) and Media Art Globale (Jakarta 2019). She is also in the list for FORBES 30 under 30 Asia in the Arts in 2017 and been publicised in news forums such as Chanel News Asia(CNA) and BBC Asia.