Founded in 2015, Balestier Press is an independent publisher proudly presenting the hidden gems of contemporary world literature, picture books, graphic novels and memoirs, with a focus on Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa. We enable a greater variety of original voices to be heard by collaborating with writers, translators, and illustrators worldwide, with the belief that the beauty of literature, stories and thoughts can connect different cultures and people across borders.

Series and Imprints: Balestier Series of World Literature, Balestier Academic, Hearing Others’ Voices, 若意文化

Series of World Literature with a focus on Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Hearing Others’ Voices book series: A transcultural and transdisciplinary book series in simple and straightforward language, to inform general readers, undergraduates, and, above all, sixth formers and to engage their interest in recent advances in thought, unaccountably overlooked areas of the world, and key issues of the present day.

Balestier Academic publishes peer-reviewed academic monographs, proceedings, protocols, contributed volumes, and educational materials in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.