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Madame Qian Xiuling: The Belgian Schindler
by Xu Feng
Translated from the Chinese by Kyle Anderson 

Born in 1912, Qian Xiuling displayed exceptional academic prowess from a young age. Inspired by the achievements of Marie Curie, she departed China at the age of 17, earning a dual doctorate in physics and chemistry from the University of Louvain. During her time there, she courageously broke off an arranged engagement to marry Dr. Grégoire de Perlinghi, a physician of Greek-Russian descent.

Their plans for a life in China were disrupted by the Japanese invasion, leading them to settle in Herbeumont, where World War II unfolded around them. Qian Xiuling’s life took a remarkable turn as she emerged as a savior for over a hundred hostages, primarily from Écaussinnes. She skillfully advocated for their cause with General von Falkenhausen, the military governor of Belgium, leveraging a connection through her cousin, a Kuomintang general. Her efforts earned her the Belgian Reconnaissance Medal 1940-1945.

Despite facing scrutiny for defending von Falkenhausen before the War Council and averting a death sentence, Qian Xiuling was unable to fulfill her dream of a scientific career. However, she would go on to become the proprietor of Brussels’ most prestigious Chinese restaurant, a path that showcased her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.


ISBN: 978-1-913891-45-9
Publication date:  20 December 2023
Format: Paperback 229 mm x 152 mm
Pages: 374pp


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