Kresek: Daily Life of Plastic Bags

by Cynthia Delaney Suwito


Some may like plastic bags for their convenience, while others may dislike them for polluting the environment. Regardless of anyone’s stance, the plastic bag as an object is just something that passes through our lives.

Kresek is the rustling of plastic bags in Bahasa Indonesia. It is also the title of this light-hearted wordless comic, revolving around the little movements of the plastic bag.

This book offers a fresh perspective of the plastic bag by giving the common object a face and a personality. Following the earthly adventures of the plastic bag, I hope to invite people to give the plastic bag more thought, connecting to it and examining its place in today’s cultures. When we have hopefully passed the plastic bag obsession in the future, this book will be a reminder of a behaviour that we once had.


ISBN: 978-1-911221-89-0
Publication date:  June 2021
Format: Paperback 280mm x 216 mm
Pages: 56 pp

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