Born in Yilan, Taiwan, Huang Chun-Ming’s writings are representative of the important “Xiang Tu” literary movement that took place from the 1970s in Taiwan. His literary works are characterized by a deep compassion for the lives of ordinary people, their language and culture, the search of roots, and the meaning of “identity”.

Author of numerous short stories, his publication works have included The Taste of Apples, His Son’s Big Doll, Sayonara-Zaijian.

In recent years, he founded the “Big Fish” theatre for children. He has written and illustrated five children’s books using a unique torn paper collage technique: I am a Cat!, The Scarecrow and the Sparrows, The Emperor who Loved Sweets, The Elephant with a Short Trunk, and The Little Hunchback.

Two selected short stories collections, Raise The Bottles and A Platform With No Timetable, will be published by Balestier Press in 2020.