Balestier Academic

For academic monographs, journals, or open educational resources (OER), please send the proposals to

Translated Literature

Balestier Press welcome submissions of translated literature. For proposals of literary translation works, please send a synopsis, a sample translation with information about the author and the translator to for consideration.

For submission of book proposals for Balestier Press (except for Academic or Translated Literature titles), please follow the guidelines of our submission/review platform below:

Balestier Press and bibliodiversity

Balestier Press aims to support (biblio)diversity in publishing and authors with original voices and unique ideas.

Through our submission/review platform, we aim to publish high quality original work that contributes to cross-cultural understanding and diversity.

We also publish work that may not initially have the market support for publication. Since authors are collaborating with the publisher on the finance (personal funds, institutional grants, or crowdfunding) and the editorial process, we can create high-quality books and make available with reviews/publicity. The authors get high royalties of 50% from the net income for all the formats including paperback, hardcover and e-book, and retains the rights of the book; and when there is another opportunity, the authors can always license the publication rights.

Types of original manuscripts we accept:

  1. Fiction fitting the range of Balestier Press titles
  2. Children’s books, picture books and graphic novels
  3. Creative non-fictions, memoirs, travelogues 
  4. Poetry and short stories
  5. Literary studies, the anthology
  6. Humanities, social and natural sciences for general audience 

Our judging criteria include whether the work is original, and whether the publication contributes to cultural diversity in the writing and publishing world.

How to submit?

  • Send us an email on the address including your manuscript (or part of the manuscript), synopsis (up to 250 words) and a covering letter including your full name, address, phone number, email, and a brief bio.

NOTE: Your manuscript must be original, and written primarily in English. For formatting, please use Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX),
Rich text format (RTF), LibreOffice open document format (ODF), or LaTeX (TEX).