Mei’s Mermaid Mission

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Story by Crystal Z. Lee

Illustrations by Allie Su


The mission of the Mermaids International Rescue Alliance (MIRA) is to guard the ocean and protect the sea creatures. There are many mermaid members in MIRA from all over Asia, such as Princess Hwangok (Korea), Roro (Indonesia), Jiao (China), Ningyo (Japan), Songkhla (Thailand), Duyung (Malaysia), Sovann Macha (Cambodia), Sirena (the Philippines), and Mei (Taiwan).

Princess Hwangok has tasked Mei to embark on a mission to gather all the MIRA mermaids. They will need to unite in order to stop the pirate from polluting. Will MIRA be able to stop the pirate and save the day?

Mei’s Mermaid Mission is an elaborately illustrated picture book that makes an ideal gift:

  • Real locations from the Asia-Pacific region make for an inspiring geography, history and cultural lesson
  • Storyline sparks dialogue around empathy, kindness, courage, perseverance, and friendship
  • Exquisite illustrations of Asia-Pacific’s ocean animals and endangered species fosters learning around ecological conservation and marine protection
  • Backmatter includes a glossary of over twenty sea animals and over twenty locations in the Asia-Pacific region


About the Author:

Crystal Z. Lee grew up in a bilingual household in Taiwan and in California. She is an avid traveler and has visited over thirteen countries in Asia. Her favorite travel memories include hiking the forests of Borneo, boating in Phuket, cruising down the Yangtze River, chasing butterflies in Taiwan, attending literary festivals in Hong Kong, and visiting family in Singapore. Crystal is the author of children’s books A Unicorn Named Rin and Kai the Dancing Butterfly. Her poetry was recently included in the UK anthology, Tabula Rasa. She is also the author of a novel, Love and Other Moods.

About the Illustrator:

Allie Su was born and raised in a village in Yunlin county, Taiwan. She attended Nanhua University in Chiayi city, majoring in Visual Arts. Allie once lived in Korea for some time, volunteering in the area of animal protection. She loves kimchi, Korean saunas, Incheon’s snowy winters, and taking boat rides to Yeouido. She believes in bringing joy to people through art. Allie has worked as a children’s art teacher and a professional illustrator. She also illustrated a picture book about Taiwan, Kai the Dancing Butterfly.


Ages:   3+
ISBN:  978-1-913891-58-9
Format: Hardcover 216 x 280 mm
Pages: 40 pp Colour
Publication Date:  25 February 2024


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