The Voices from My Heart

Story by Li Xiaohong, Illustrations by Lam Ho Hei, Translated by Daniel Lam

I’ve never talked to anyone, even my dad, my mum and my brother have never heard my voice… I am a little different. Mountains are windy. Birds are chirping. People are speaking. Everything makes a sound, except for me. My mouth is wide open but no sound comes out. Even so, I imagine and I wonder. I play and I love. Just like you, I have a voice!

About the Author and Illustrator:

Li Xiao Hong, a preschool teacher from Singapore, and Lam Ho Hei, an illustrator from Hong Kong, are both dedicated mothers with a unique emotional attachment. Their rich experience in parenting has inspired their keen interest in the field of “preschool education” and pushed them to explore further in this field. In order to share their ideals and visions, they embarked on a journey to bring stories and illustrations to life. Based on their practical experience, they capture children’s imaginations, weave stories that resonate with them, and use vivid illustrations to bring readers into the realm of captivating imagination. They create a harmonious blend of words and visuals, igniting the sparks of imagination in children’s hearts and creating a world in which they thrive through the turning of each page and the depiction of each touch.

Ages:   3+
ISBN:  978-1-913891-41-1
Format: Paperback (Demy octavo) 216mm x 138mm
Pages: 50 pp Colour
Publication Date:  25 March 2024


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