World Literature from Taiwan Book Series

Editorial Board: Pei-yin Lin (University of Hong Kong), Wen-chi Li (University of Zurich)

Taiwan is a vivacious multi-ethnic island shaped by various cultures. Its history intersects with the Spanish and Dutch colonialisms. After being ruled respectively by the Qing government and Japan, it underwent the United States-leaning Nationalist rule and witnessed a burgeoning indigenization turn particularly since the 1990s. Despite its multilingual nature, contemporary Taiwan has been an important site of literary inspirations, production, and consumption, for Sinophone writers from Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia. To capture and highlight the palimpsestic trajectory in which literature from Taiwan constitutes an integral part of world literature, we propose this series beyond the rigid ethno-nationalist sense of literature. Intended for a general audience, the series is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge literature created in, related to, or influence by, Taiwan, into English.

Forthcoming books:

Dynasties/Saints by Chen Li (陳黎), translated by Elaine Wong
The Season When Flowers Bloom by Yang Shuangzi (楊双子), translated by Francesca Jordan
Alien by Sun Wei-min (孫維民), translated by Colin Bramwell and We-chi Li